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PLANETFONE- International phone rentals
Honestly, is there anything worse than returning from an amazing trip, settling in so that enough time passes that you forget how much you used your phone while away, and then getting a ridiculously MASSIVE cell bill? The sheer shock. The shuddering awe. The gut-wrenching aggravation you feel when you ask yourself over and over again why it was exactly that you just HAD to call your friend for 45 minutes from that riad in Marrakech just to tell her about the tagine you just ate... really? Or, how you could have thought you were outsmarting the system by sending 500 text messages back and forth, only to find they’re triple the charge internationally? It's rough. We know, we've been there too but never again. One word, Planetfone.

It's the magic solution you need when you're globe-hopping. Their mobile GSM phones work in over 150 countries seamlessly, affordably, and the process works easily. We're talking 24/7 customer support, we're talking no connection fees, no taxes, no dreaded surcharges and no minimum airtime required. The mobile phones have English-speaking Customer Support 24 hours 7 days.

You simply call and place your order, and a pre-activated GSM phone complete with 2 batteries, chargers, adapters and a case arrive at your door. They even throw in a pre-paid return shipping envelope...isn't that sweet? What's even sweeter is the satisfaction you feel knowing you can forget that dreaded bill. So, get dialing and stop stressing.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- 50% off rental fees plus Free Premium Insurance, valid through 31 Dec 2010. Visit to book and mention program code xpl. And, as always, be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you!