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If you're anything like us, you once wished that you could have been one of those lucky Golden Ticket-winning kids that got to explore Willy Wonka's factory in one of the most memorable movies of all time. (OK, we still have that fantasy but so what!). Well, now's your chance to get as Wonkified as possible. Amedei has opened its doors to chocolate connoisseurs who can indulge Augustus Gloop-style for hours on end.

For those that want to immerse themselves in a magical chocolate atmosphere, Amedei of Tuscany takes chocolate fans through the journey from the bean source through the complete creation of each distinctively crafted product...tasting all of the chocolate and pralines along the way. The tour allows you to follow the entire production of the refined Amedei chocolates, from granules to cocoa to decadently delightful treats. Amedei follows the emotions that transform chocolate into a precious delight that evokes childhood memories and an instant satisfaction of the senses. You're already indulging in amazing food whilst in Italy, top it off with something sweet and special.

Our pick? The Ultimate Journey, where you'll be treated to robust tastings of Crema Toscana which will put Nutella to shame, Toscano Brown milk chocolate and the Blond, crafted with peaches and apricots. If that wasn't enough, the Toscano Red will be rolled out, filled with berries, extra dark award-winning Madagascar, Jamaica and Trinidad blends. Move on to the pure Creole style Porcelana, a steaming cup of hot chocolate, 5 flavors of praline and top it off with an Incontro, rich with chunky hazelnuts. 2 ½ hours of chocolate bliss. Tours run Monday to Friday, 9A - 5:30P and run with a minimum of 4 people. Oh, just go for it.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Sweet savings! Take the Ultimate Journey for 120 Euro per person. Click HERE for more info and, as always,