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South of China, east of Nepal and northeast of India sits Bhutan, small in size but colossal in centuries-old cultural impact and one of those amazing spots in the world that is deserving of much more exposure. Bhutan is a land of enigmas, a cross between medieval and emerging contemporary style, where Buddhist monks mix with technology, where life is precious and land is sacred, where visitors are famously charged a minimum of $200 per day but as most visitors would agree, it is well worth the price of admission. Here are a few pointers we can share with you if considering a trek to this part of the world:

Druk Air, Bhutan’s national airline, offers the only service into the country with connections from points such as Bangkok, Delhi and Kathmandu. During winter, unpredictable weather can delay flights so best to add an extra day in your itinerary.

-You’ll need a visa prior to arrival- apply in advance for clearance but it’s only stamped upon arrival.
- Bhutan’s unit of currency is Ngultrum (NU). Advisable to carry travelers checks along with US Dollars
-Taking photos? Bring extra film and batteries, both are not easily found whilst in-country
-Pack casual, comfortable clothes- cotton shirts, khakis, and plenty of rain gear
-Brush up a bit on your Dzongkha if you really want to immerse yourself, otherwise relax- English is widely spoken
-Allow yourself time to acclimatize, key points in this region lie thousands of feet higher than you’re likely accustomed to.

Hotels, lodges and guesthouses are quite comfortable in tourist destinations, and of a higher caliber in western Bhutan. Five-star flags such as Uma, Taj and Aman fly in Bhutan so luxury is possible.

Itineraries in Bhutan are highly customizable and so thoughtfully crafted by Destiny Bhutan that you truly feel like you’re part of the fabric of the nation. We’re talking visits to the weekend market, attending archery matches, time spent at an art school, visits to handicraft centres, private monastery tours, access to private museum collections, trekking, hiking, and taking in the mystical cerebral aura that envelopes each and every visitor.
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