If an EXPEDITION is on your to-do list, then Greenland is the way to go.  Imagine a land whose version of a highway is a complex network of fjords to sail between, infinite icecaps, curious landscapes, colorful villages, and endless opportunities for hiking, kayaking, sailing, exploring and truly getting away from it all in a very other-worldly landscape.   

We've curated an expedition for the adventure-seeker in everyone blending the experience of a glacier camp with ice thrills all around.  On this journey, you'll do things like:

-Navigate a sea filled with icebergs, traveling around glaciers in adventurous RIB boats to observe the gorgeous blue tinted ice and the beauty of Greenland's Polar Ice Cap.

-Witness the northern lights- simply spectacular

-Visit Greenlandic settlements including the Qassiarsuk, Igaliku and Narsaq

-Test your nerve with a unique ice exploration, guided through labrynthine crevasses, drains and ice caves in one of the oldest ice fields on the planet. A truly exclusive adventure only comparable to Perrito Moreno in Patagonia

-Overnight in the Qaleraliq Glaciar Camp in the most magical spot in southern Greenland on a sandy beach in front of the ice cap. Magical. 

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