I have never had buyer's remorse when travel's been concerned. Not once have I ever looked back and said "Wow, that wasn't worth it". Not even when conditions were cruel, when planes were delayed, when hotels cancelled my reservation with no explanation, when cars broke down or tours didn't run. Not once did I not learn a lesson or come out of an experience more enriched and educated about the world.

YEars ago I was at another crossroads when I had an opportunity to get to Antarctica on a cruise, I didn't really have the money to spare but somehow I made it work and its something that lives in my mind so vividly it's difficult to even explain.

There's something about getting so remote, so off the grid...it feels like a gigantic privilege almost. There's no currency here, no real official time zone, no official language, just life at it's purest. Water, animals, and a few short term visitors all existing in peaceful harmony.

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