I have always had such a fascination with beautiful doors. The bigger, the more ornate and the stronger looking the better.  Walking through an old palace recently, I got to thinking about how this relates to travel which is, I believe, the ultimate door. The door to a new perspective, a new experience, a refreshing life changing endeavour, a path to relaxation, or even just a bit of a break from the every day.  

I got to thinking, which door do I prefer? Door #1 that's closed, where I have no idea what awaits on the other side or Door # 2, where I can partially see what's in front with a pretty good preview of what's to come. 

I'm a blend of the two, with a slant towards Door #1.  I have a type-A personality, I'm a bit of a control freak (ok a LOT more than a bit) that serves me and my clients well in business and keeps my life organized. But, I can't deny I need that fascination of the Door # 1 , that unexpected rush that comes with delving into something new, outside of my comfort zone.

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