Remote, undiscovered, natural, daring, curious...just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking about Mongolia. Talk about a remote frontier- Mongolia is nothing short of mesmerizing- raw, seemingly endless open spaces, crystal clear waters, and a culture dating back thousands of years that maintains a true stronghold today, with 30% of the population still living a nomadic lifestyle.  

It's a land of jawdropping beauty just waiting to be explored by the adventurous traveler that wants to challenge themselves.   If you've ever sought a true adventure that lifts you squarely outside of your comfort zone, look no further because this is it, and we want to bring you there.

Our team of curators have developed some incredible itineraries into this interesting land. Did you know you could.....

-Trek through a stunningly picturesque mountain pass on foot while camels transport everything you need to pitch up your tent near the river

-Enjoy a Boortsog (Mongolian biscuit) and a Suutei Tsai (salty milk tea) while you chat and spend the afternoon with a local living a traditional nature-loving nomadic lifestyle

-Take a cooking lesson on traditional Mongolian dishes with a field cook

-Learn Mongol horsemanship with a specialist guide along a flat steppe terrain and explore the cultural relics of ancient nomads

-Channel your inner James Bond and get tasked with delivering a secret letter to a scholar in the ancient capital of the Great Mongolian Empire via Horse Post

-Honeymooning? Attend a traditional marriage prayer ceremony in Mongolia's largest and most significant temple

-A day in the life of a nomad- from milking cows to sheep herding, your children playing with their children and learning traditional Mongolian games- an incredible family adventure

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