I believe in signs.  Sometimes, when things that would otherwise seem to be disconnected continue to happen repeatedly and randomly, one has to take note.  Full disclosure-  I'm really late to this whole camping/glamping party, never was on my list until recently but what I'm learning is incredible.

I was listening to my neighbor recently go on and on about her glamping experience locally which I was surprised about,  and might never had considered save for her rave reviews on just about everything she and her family did and saw.

And then, today, I happened upon this extremely cool tent innovation by


that seems like it was made just for me, and all of you that want the adventure but perhaps don't want to dial it all the way to "

rustic overload"

Check out these hanging options, built with unique suspension systems that are surprisingly easy to pitch. Simply find 2 trees and there you go.  Your own comfortable and secure, hammock-like floating sleep experience.  Most importantly, you're totally above ground, and by ground I mean wet leaves, dirt, bugs, and all manner of creepy crawly things.  It's like a portable treehouse.   I think I may just become a camping convert yet.