Yurts are comfortable, yurts are warm, yurts are well equipped and yurts are strong...ok, if you're still wondering what a yurt actually is, see the example on the right.  You're looking at one of the ultimate ways to get as close to nature as possible, and even channel your inner caveman if one so desires.

The Outdoor Resort is set upon the Hardanger Base Camp, at the mouth of a  Norwegian fjord, at the bottom of 2 converging valleys near several mountains, whitewater rivers, waterfalls, tunnels and caves, all at your disposal This is an opportunity to get back to basics, in the comfort of your traditional Mongolian-style Yurt deep in the fragrant forest.  Try your hand at Stone Age skills or survival technique training, or indulge in the wealth of watersports, hiking or climbing in an invigorating landscape.  Or, take a lighter turn and take a lesson in cider production at the local factory.   Yurt on, we say. It's surprisingly refreshing.


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