You just can't make this stuff up. Indeed it's true, if you've ever indulged in a Jetsons-style fantasy about a world where just about everything is mechanical, then put this place on your list if you find yourself near Harbin, China. No need to worry about any language barrier here, as you'll only be interacting with a series of robot waitrons and chefs- heck, robots even bus the tables.    

Arrive and you'll be greeted by an usher robot who'll seat you, order through your waiter robot who will transmit that to a robot chef behind the kitchen walls who is able to prepare a variety of noodle and dumpling dishes. Next, eat- after your food is delivered to you by a waitress robot that's even equipped with motion sensors in case anyone accidentally gets in their way. At about $45,000 a robot (x a staff of 20) it's neither an inexpensive nor highly profitable model just yet, however as far as marketing goes, it's bananas brilliant.


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