When your only option of accessing a hotel is via a monkey bridge, you know you're on to something cleverly curious and magical, like the Magic Mountain. Set in the middle of a forest in the southern Huilo Huilo reserve, miles from any sort of civilization lies this entirely self-sufficient craggy mountainlike structure that houses this interesting lodge who gets its name from a mysterious place found only in a book that was beloved by the owners that was said to have magical powers and grant wishes. Not only is it entirely self sufficient (not that the location would permit them any other option), but for anyone looking to have a wish granted that somewhat relates to sleeping under a waterfall, yes, it does that too.
At the top, water spews and cascades down the sides. At the sky, condors and eagles circle and call. At the ground, creatures lurk and at the comfort of your cozy room, you are ever more grateful to be several floors above land. Each of the thirteen rooms offer en-suite bathrooms and gorgeous forest (and trickling water) views, and are all named for various indigenous flora and fauna. Eleven cabins are also set nearby that can accommodate slightly larger groups.
Traditional meals are served daily at the Meson del Bosque restaurant, where chefs prepare authentic homestyle Chilean recipes best paired with a great selection of local wines, or a traditional Pisco Sour. We recommend you use it sparingly.
If the quirky architecture isn't enough to intrigue you, consider their amenities which are more like fantastic oddities. Hot tubs carved out of huge tree trunks, perched on decks proffering lush forest views. Or a mini golf course build into a walkway 40 feet in the air, that bobs and weaves through the trees, some of which have opted to grow straight through the plank.
Massively magical...