We're always telling you about the things we find most unique...and now, we want to give you a chance to tell your own stories to our amazing like-minded readers that share a passion for unique travel experiences as a guest blogger!
If you're thinking about being a travel blogger, or dreaming about being a travel writer then send us a sample story. Subject? Well, that's up to you- perhaps you wish to share your most memorable (or most quirky) experience, give readers a glimpse into a hidden gem that nobody knows about but you, or even share a review about a travel product or experience that you found ultra-fabulous. We'll run the 2 most intriguing stories and cross promote them across Facebook & Twitter so here's your chance to shine.
Email samples to - happy writing!
The Explorateur does not pay for submissions, any entries or samples sent to editors are done so with the writer's understanding that there is no compensation. The Explorateur will request writer's permission in writing to publish stories before anything is run live.