"I vant to be alone..." If you've ever just wanted to channel your inner Greta Garbo and disappear from it all, literally, we've got the place for you. Meet the Bubble Hotel. Here's what we know: First, it's in Estonia, but far far away from any sort of civilization (approximately 150 km from Tallinn). Second, it's spartan- we're talking a 3 x4 meter living space with a bed, table, and two chairs...and yes, sans private toilet. Third, this thing is inflatable and shaped like a translucent bubble, and at the end of the day it's just the perfect place for anyone who truly wants to become one with nature and escape any sort of noise.
If you still "vant to be alone" but you feel just a bit better knowing there actually are human beings in the immediate vicinity, consider the new one-room rooftop boat hotel atop the Queen Elizabeth Hall at Southbank Centre in jolly old London. This architectural feat is a room for one, a haven and refuge from the bustling energy of the city. It's difficult to beat the panoramic views, and unlike some other quirky properties of a similar ilk, this one is stocked with all of the amenities you crave and prefer not to do without. The Room for London is almost impossible to get into as it's been nearly fully booked since it opened, but definitely add it on your list of sights to see when next in the area.