THE MAGICIAN OF TERMINAL 5- Ah, the airport layover…to some (and when I say some I mean those like me), it means a great excuse to make mad dashes through duty free shops and newsstands buying ridiculous amounts of gossip mags and unnecessary cosmetic products that weigh you down as much as the in-flight buyers remorse pangs through the rest of the journey. To so many others that see it as a dreaded gaping void, we’ve got good news if your travels take you through London Heathrow. A magician, front and center, live and in person in grand Terminal 5.

That’s right, magician Mike Stoner has been hired by the airport’s Crown Rivers bar to entertain their customers. He’s no stranger to performing in front of large, diverse crowds from businessmen to celebrities, so taking on a blended group of airport traffic from all parts of the globe is a piece of cake.

Stoner’s unique brand of blended magic and mind reading skills is proving to be a most welcome diversion from the endless hours spent wandering the halls waiting to board. Tricks in the forms of cards, coins and hypnotic watches fly through the lively space, entertaining crowds with laughter and fun.

Heading to the UK or have a layover to contend with at Heathrow on 30 Mar? Catch Mike at his next show at the Crown Rivers, T 5! For more on Mike, check him out at