We're pretty obsessed with Catalonia (or Catalunya depending on who you're speaking to)... we can't quite put our finger on exactly why. Perhaps it's the fierce pride and independent strength of the people, or the multitude of converging landscapes from mountains to beaches, or the intoxicating wine and food, or maybe just the old-fashioned fun of decoding the language especially if you're a Spanish-speaker. Whatever it is, it continues to lure us back. It's easy to get drawn in by Barcelona's wonders, but on your next visit, consider moving a bit into the interior and discovering two unique boutique hotels within the EVADE portfolio that both define a true Catalunyan experience.

Are you into design? Be overwhelmed at the cutting-edge
The Mirror where you'll surround yourself in dazzling white reflections of grandeur and dine on contemporary cuisine prepared by their 2-star Michelin Chef, with the city's most bustling streets just below. www.themirrorbarcelona.com

Obsessed with the city's architecture? Explore
Hotel Cram whose majestic modernist, avant-garde interior somehow comfortably contrasts with its supreme comfort and warm, inviting atmosphere. Cuisine here is equally as intriguing with it's signature Michelin star-winning Restaurant Gaig, founded in 1869 and still churning out tremendous Catalan cuisine. www.hotelcram.com

Serious foodie? Well, then you'll fit right in at ABaC Restaurant & Hotel a bit further inland ..... It's all about the fabulous modern cuisine here, spearheaded by their own in -house 2 Star Michelin restaurant that allows you into this culinary palace for a peek, and an opportunity to select your wine from over 800 varieties. During any times where you're not sampling the sumptuous cuisine (which may not be many), you have your choice of one of 15 exclusively lavish rooms bestowing upon you the finest linens, soothing cream colored decor, extreme technology, Hermes bath amenities and privacy. www.abacbarcelona.com

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