We've all been there...standing at the base of a baggage belt that's spewed the last of it's contents before the belt stops with a thud and the screen changes. "NO! PLEASE! THIS ISN'T HAPPENING! I HAVE NO TIME FOR THIS! THIS AIRLINE S(**^$S!" might be the kinder things that flow out of your mouth while inside you're raging inside and prepping for the fight of your life at a counter where you're likely to receive nothing more than a standard form to fill out and absolutely zero sympathy. OK- stats say that 95% of these bags find their way back. But, what about those that don't? Well, many of them wind up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center.

Yes- this place exists. It's a veritable luggage graveyard in Alabama that's under contract with airlines around the world, for the right to purchase luggage that otherwise goes unclaimed. Then, they open it, sort it and sell it. Treasures to find? Or is it just plain bad karma?
We want to know what you think. Would you buy something from the Unclaimed Baggage Center Store?

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