The price to air a Super Bowl ad ($3.5M) would pay for 140,000 people to get @water for life

Sometimes, it takes a staggering fact like that to sit back and say WHOA....what are we doing here? What could I do with dollars and change? It's that initial lightnening bolt of a feeling that strikes us and causes us to make a change. I remember my moment well, years ago when I held an orphan infant in my arms, and saw the plight of homeless and ill children in South Africa. Since then, I've been deeply immersed in several related charity projects ever since and not a day goes by where there isn't something I try to do to raise awareness. A tweet, a Facebook post, a mention to a friend and sooner or later something sticks.

To our loyal readers, we request you just read that first sentence again and think about what it is in the world that YOU can do to help someone somewhere. Sure, getting involved with our causes (just ask for info, we're happy to send!), or such an amazing organization as WATER.ORG is fab, but it really all comes down to what inspires you. It's got to strike you in order to motivate you, so whatever it is, we encourage you to just do it.

We'll all be watching the Superbowl this weekend (GO GIANTS! sorry just came out) and we'll all be enjoying it and making merry as we should. But, maybe take half a second when you're watching that commercial and think about how differently that money could have spent, and look around at what you might be able to help with. It just takes one person, one cause, one initial dollar, one idea.

Thanks as always for listening.....