They say sometimes that jokes just don’t translate from one language to another, but bathroom humor is pretty much universally funny and never more so than the Toilet Restaurant. Born of a daydream had by a man on the throne reading manga, this Taiwa eatery which began as an ice cream shop has expanded to a full-scale restaurant with multiple locations. Meet The Modern Toilet.

Just about everything here was designed with #2 in mind…from the lights to the plates, and as you might have guessed, your meals are served up in a ceramic toilet dish for what they say is to “deliver a shock and confusion to the senses”. We should mention you’ll also be sitting on a throne while dining- keep the lid down!. Be forewarned, things like “green dysentery” on the menu really mean “kiwi yogurt” (we promise) but some of the curries may not look that appetizing in the bowl.

Doesn’t quite sound like your thing? Or maybe you can’t get enough? Then try Das Klo (aka the toilet) while in Berlin, which is an all-out hammer-falling, water-spraying, gust of air-shooting, skeleton hanging bizarre world where wine is served in blood transfusion packets, seats are choice of coffin or toilet, sausages are served in mini-toilet dishes, and as you may have already guessed, beer is served in urine specimen bottles. The website narration is hilarious…

NB to the squeamish…don’t order the chocolate frozen yogurt. #justsayin