Nothing excites us more than the prospect of something innovative in the world of travel. We see quite a bit of cool stuff in our travels, yes- but nothing compared to these intriguing ideas that are in the works. Who thinks of these things? Enjoy these incredible feats and rest assured, once doors are open, we'll be checking them out and telling you every bit of scoop...

FULL MOON BAY-Azerbaijan

Chic, sleek & supermodern aren't usually the first words to come to mind when thinking about Azerbaijan, but this disclike structure set to overlook the Caspian Sea is set to become a household name. 150 meters high, 35 stories tall, 382 rooms large, and shaped like a crescent moon flanked by a 43 floor office building and residence. Some say it looks like the Death Star from Star Wars, we say it looks just plain cool.


If you've ever dreamed of landing on the moon, it's your lucky day. Well, kind of...this incredibly ambitious lunar hotel is slated to appear in 2050, as things like launching steel and water to the moon are just slightly challenging at the moment.Architects envision that one day, construction will be possible from the Moon, and we'll have our lunar playground complet with a low-gravity interior, "habituation capsules", and an abjectly, ridiculously gimongous pricetag.


Rumor has it, this place will knock the Burj Al Arab out of first place in the world of 7 star hotels. 350 luxury suites with a jungle theme, private beaches, amazing shopping, dining, art galleries and spa on a private island. Mesmerizing to look at and we can't even imagine how incredible the service is with a projectied guest-to-staff ratio of 1:1. Seriously?


This 400 ton hybrid airship must be the project of an engineer's dreams over at Worldwide Aeros Corporation. This is a full-on passenger hotel measuring 2 football fields in length, hanging suspended in the air via 14 million cubic feet of helium, electricity and hydrogen fuel. Up to 250 passengers at a time can enjoy flying in this coach of comfort while enjoying the on-board casino, restaurants and accommodations both on a day basis and overnight. It can land anywhere, fly anywhere and the sky is litorally the limit.


Designed focusing on aquatic elements, this complex will feature accommodations and public areas underneath the surrounding lagoon. 400 rooms underneath, activities like rock climbing and bungee jumping above sea level. Interesting...

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