OK- this is a tricky one for us because we always like to report our experiences at unique places around the world, but we just couldn’t resist this feature for two reasons. A) It’s incredibly cool and B) This might just be the only place in the world that we actually do not wish to visit. This place is what is known as the most remote restaurant in the world. And just wait until you see the setting (and the journey required to reach it!). Since we haven’t been nor do we know anyone who actually has, we’re simply reporting what we’ve heard. We’d love to find someone that actually seen this so spread the word amongst your networks and let’s see if we can track someone down together!

This remote eatery is said to exist in China. Begin your journey with a treacherous tram ride up a mountain, over a staggeringly deep gorge. How the tram got there and what's supporting it is actually a mystery in itself. Disembark, and you're then faced with a series of wooden planks of teeny widths, clinging to the mountainside. These will serve as your pathway up the incline for an unspecified but seemingly long length until you reach the restaurant at the very top where the meals are said to be served.

We've certainly got tons of questions and we're sure you do too. What's the menu like? How's the food? How does the food even get there? How is it cooked? Who's waiting to serve you (and what the heck are their working hours?) Most importantly, is the meal free if you actually make it all the way up?

Again, we have no verification that this actually exists, only emails and posts, but we're totally intrigued. You? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page!