OK...a restaurant review in Boston probably wasn't what you were expecting to see in today's issue but seriously, we can not keep quiet about our favorite little gem in Beantown any longer. Tucked in a tiny storefront space on a crowded street in the heart of Boston's North End amongst a plethora of Italian restaurants, shops, and bakeries- it stands out from the get-go and feels much more bistro-on-the-Left-Bank rather than the typical raw bar. Mirrored walls with slick white liquid chalk-drawn menus, beautiful selection of wines, flashy countertops and just a cluster of tables for the lucky ones who arrive early enough.

On to the most important part, the LOBSTER ROLL. Not just any lobster roll, but quite possibly THE most perfect lobster roll. One we dream about, one we crave when we've had a bad day, one we admittedly have flown up to Boston just to enjoy, only to turn around the next day and fly home. Yes- it's that good. And there are 2 versions- naturally you have to have them both but we'd say space it out- one for lunch and then one for dinner if you intend to pair this with a cup of their amazing chowder. The hot version resplendent with dripping gooey melted butter is especially sumptuous. Seriously and truly, please- please do not miss this next time you're in the area. NB-it's difficult to find, and forget about finding a parking spot so you're better off taking a cab or the T.

Neptune Oyster House- 63 Salem St- Boston, MA- 617-742-3474 -