Crescent Hotel- Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Many refer to this as the "most haunted hotel" in the US and from the countless testimonials from guests, it's easy to see why. This hotel-turned-cancer-research-hospital-turned-back-to-hotel is where many in the past have met their demise, beginning with the construction worker in the 1800's who fell from the roof right outside famed Room 218 that is supposedly the most haunted. Visitors report sightings of distinguished gentlemen sitting in the lobby, to a nurse rolling a gurney, slamming doors at random, and everythign in between. A visit from "Ghost Hunters" has ensured its street cred as officially haunted as those experts concur, there's something not quite right about this place.

Hotel Burchianti- Florence, Italy

Guests and regular patrons have claimed to have seen visions of a child skipping down the hallway, as well as an elderly woman knitting in a chair. Passersby the hotel's Fresco room report feeling an icy breath sensation. Talk about a cold reception...

The Russell Hotel- Sydney, Australia

No matter how hidden away this hotel may be in the Rocks next to Circular Quay in Sydney, guests have reported seeing the ghost of an ancient sailor. Room 8 is known to be the most haunted, where guests have reported the old man wandering the halls and standing over them while they sleep. Staff denies it, yet they still sell ghost tours on property... hmm...

Castle Leslie- Glaslough, County Monaghan, Ireland

You won't find phones, televisions or radios in this Castle dating back to 1665, but you will find an array of gourmet meals due to teh cooking school on sight, and if you're one of the chosen few, you'll also be treated to a visit from the other world. Departed members of the original Leslie clan are reported to pitch up often, especially in the well known Norman's Room, named for the spirit that haunts it. Rumor has it his mother was sleeping in this room and awoke to see her deceased son sifting through letters before fading away. Better bring your Lucky Charms.

Toftaholm Herrgard- Toftaholm, Sweden

A broken heart long ago was the catalyst to all things haunted here at this private home-turned-boutique-hotel. Legend has it a young peasant boy fell in love with a baron's daughter, and he forbid them to wed (natch). The daughter was then forced into an arranged marraige and hence, the boy was found hanging in what is now room 324, it is reported that his spirit remains there to this day. Swedishly scary...

Grand Hyatt Taipei- Taipei, Taiwan

A luxurious hotel today, but once the site of a wartime political prison and ever since, it's believed to have been home to a number of ghosts ever since. To combat the evil spirits, a Chinese sutra has been placed in the hotel's entrance.