Our most favorite group of adventurous Mongol Rally men have hit the ground running in grand fashion. En route to Mongolia (thus far via England, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria + Turkey) they've beeLinkn on a madcap journey that has not been without its times of humor, shock, awe and hijinx that they detail so beautifully on their blog. They are continuing to fill it with fabulous tales all along the way that make us really want to be there (and for those that don't have the gumption to embark on a ride like this, their stories really make one feel as if they're actually there with them living every moment and soaking up every vivacious and fun drop of the trek). Where will they go next? Follow them and they'll tell you. You may be wondering how it is that they're keeping everyone so updated even from the most remote areas? Via their cool new Inmarsat I-4 BGAN satellite network from Satellite Phone Store, a James Bond-like configuration that makes connectivity possible from just about anywhere (and these boys will certainly be going here, there, anywhere and everywhere as they travel towards their final destination. Remember, these rock stars are doing all of this in a 2002 Ford Fiesta with a small engine and even less cargo space. And, they're doing this all for their charity of choice, the Buffalo Bayou Partnership. Show them some love and follow their blog, and make a donation if you feel so inclined. They certainly deserve it!