Siwa is more of a unique character than simply a town, and Adrere Amellal is an overwhelming emotional and sensory experience not easily duplicated. It's been called a paradox, a "place out of time", and one indeed in fact feels suspended in time here in a blissful cocoon encircled by groves of date palms, shady olive trees and cool freshwater springs.

Adrere Amellal is a luxurious eco-lodge that rises from the mystical sands of the desert like a beautiful oasis. Created with the highest standards of conservation in mind, it serves not only to invite guests into their warm Siwa home, but also plays a grand part in local sustainable development.

40 rooms constructed in a juxtaposition of rock salt & clay, decorative beamed roofs and locally handcrafted rugs. Authentic beeswax candles abound, as there is no electricity here...guests are meant to enjoy the purity of the air, the perfect harmony of the surroundings, and guided by the stars and the torchlit paths at night. Palates shall be tempted by the gorgeous array of herbs and vegetables grown onsite in an organic garden, while underground Roman springs flow through to the pool providing a natural swimming experience.

Travel back in time with a walk through the town's historic fortress, take a relaxing horseback ride through olive groves or hit the dunes in a Toyota Land Cruiser. Adrere Amellal is ideal for guests seeking an environmentally and socially conscious has even exceeded the expectations of Prince Charles himself and countless editors of world renowned publications.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Be gifted upon departure with a beautiful basket filled with authentic products grown and nurtured in full respect of nature including olive oil, black olives and homemade jam. Email for more info and as always, be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you!