UTTER INN- Lake Mälaren, Sweden
When you’re told “yes, it’s the red house, the red house in the middle of the water” upon asking for directions to your hotel, you become curious if not a tad anxious as well. When the words that follow are akin to “someone will pick you up in an inflatable boat and give you all the instructions you need before leaving you alone”, you get nervous but fear not, as Utter Inn is perhaps one of the most peaceful spots in all of Sweden.

Getting there though is just a slight mission. Utter Inn is the vision realized by local Swedish artist Mikael Genberg who’s created a half-above/half-below paradise in the form of a single room that lies under the surface of Lake Mälaren. Accommodations are Spartan, limited to 2 twin beds and a small table, but with panoramic windows encircling the room. You’re indeed in your own fishbowl here, where underwater creatures peek curiously at you while you dine in the comfort of your own pod-like space (be sure to purchase the DeLuxe package so that your dinner is delivered fresh by boat in the evening).

If you’re finding that the cabin fever is setting in far too much, head to the surface where you’ve got access to the inflatable canoe to go exploring the surrounding islands and in the summer, there’s no better spot to catch a tan than on the small deck surrounding the little red house that becomes your own private island if only for a night.

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