ARANUI 3- Cruise Vessel-
It's the world's most remote archipelago, and you want to get there. Lucky you, there just happens to be a "freighter to paradise" departing shortly that has a cabin with your name on it. The Aranui 3 is a unique find, a cargo ship-turned-passenger vessel complete with all the cruise ship comforts you could ask for. It's day job is delivering supplies to the Marquesas, but it moonlights as a fabulous mode of transport for guests that are ready to explore this lush, unspoiled South Pacific island paradise.

Board in Papeete, Tahiti - we recommend spending a few days in an overwater bungalow just to prepare, we might suggest Le Taha'a if we can be so bold. Set sail, and your days on the journey will be filled with exotic remote stops, jeep safaris through the mountains, excavations into jungles filled with sacred ritual sites and ubiquitous Peter Brady-style tiki statues (do NOT pick one up and whatever you do, do NOT wear it around your neck, you know what happens)

The culture of the Marquesas is surprisingly fascinating, it's been inspiring writers and composers for decades because of its remote, secluded nature and stunning natural beauty. 15 islands in total, only 6 are inhabited, 4 have airstrips, 2 are accessible by boat, leaving 1 Aranui 3 to serve as a true lifeline to the locals.

Perhaps it's been a lifelong dream, perhaps you were intrigued by the destination by watching Survivor, or perhaps you need to completely disconnect like an unplugged phone- whatever your story may be, this is one of the last remaining idyllic places on earth so hurry now and book for the best deals ever.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Book now and enjoy a complimentary bottle of wine in your cabin upon arrival to celebrate the start of the journey. Pair this with any savings package. Click HERE for more information and as always, be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you!