There comes a time in every person's life where they feel the need to embark on a quest, one that begins in the UK and ends in Mongolia leaving everything in between to the wind...with no direction or assistance provided, in a car with a tiny engine that's nearly on its last legs, through lands in which he doesn't know how to communicate, all the while raising money for causes severely in need. OK, so not every person- not even close, but we'd like to introduce to you to 3 unique folks that are taking on the Mongol Rally headfirst. Diving in to an itinerary across the unknown, with no instructions across 10,000 miles of unforgiving terrain. Best part is, they have to do it in a really tiny, weak car that's got to have an engine smaller than 1.2 L , or they could just take it on in a public service vehicle in which case the engine rule is waived.

Meet the team:
-Departed corporate world in lieu of new adventure, scheduled to land at Columbia University in the fall
-Homebase: Brooklyn by way of Houston
-Thing he can't travel without: iPod, whiskey, & a pic of the family

-Working with an education organization in NY teaching kids about creative writing
-Homebase: Brooklyn by way of Houston, also Ranjan's roommate
-Thing he can't travel without: Journal

-Experience on World Affairs Council, currently studying at Columbia
-Homebase: Brooklyn by way of Houston
-Thing he can't travel without: Glasses (and something to read)

Admittedly, they have no idea about the car- where they'll find it or how they'll soup it up, nor has this trio ever traveled together anywhere outside of their zip code on an extended trip, nor have they ever been to central Asia, but that's what makes it so much fun to watch. Though this may be the adventure they've always dreamed of, there's a feel-good side to this too. All along the route, they'll be working hard to raise funds for the childrens' charity the Mongol Rally organizers support, but also for charity of choice, the Bayou Partnership which is a local Houston environmental organization close to their heart. Stay tuned for updates from the road and help cheer them on en-route at . And, if you're feeling really generous (or just plain intrigued and want to give props to their courageous efforts), you can also make a donation on the site as well towards their fundraising goal.

Good luck!