You know how you feel when you arrive at an airport, a hotel, or just about anywhere else when traveling and you just can’t get online, where each selection you try either doesn’t connect or brings you to that unwelcoming blank white browser screen? Well, we don’t. Do you want to know why? We use BOINGO.
Boingo is simply the best. It’s the largest wi-fi network in the world, which means that you can find connect just about anywhere there’s a signal from airports to hotels, restaurants to conventions and beyond. You can use it one of two ways- pay as you go, or secure an even better deal if you’re on the road frequently and pay by the month for as low as $9.95 for unlimited access domestically. Now THAT’S a deal these days. It’s so smart that it even has a little window that pops up on your laptop every time you run into an area that has a Boingo hotspot. Sauntering around Sao Paulo and need to connect? No problem. Visiting VietNam, zipping around Zambia? They’re there. They’re everywhere.

Here’s the best part- they’re giving away one 6-month Boingo Global Account which gives you access worldwide. A prize worth over $350! All you need to do is simply refer a friend to subscribe to The Explorateur to qualify. The winner will be drawn on Thursday of this week. Ready, set, BOINGO!