THE EXPLORATEUR 2010 HOT LIST- It's been an amazing year, full of incredible travel and discoveries the world over. Here's what we find most notable... and for amazing exclusive 2011 deal previews, visit and get in the loop. (This way, you get access to all the pretty versions of our emails and you're guaranteed to be the first to know about everything!)

Street Dinner- The total “anti-restaurant”, otherwise known as a pop-up dining experience in a city street just rocks. You begin by purchasing your tickets and providing your mobile number while you wait for a random evening text message which reveals where you must report first for aperitifs, followed by a second text message telling you where to pick up your table. Third text directs you to the dinner site complete with an option to overnight in a local hip hotel.

Palacio Setais High Tea- It’s a positively delicious tradition, set in a positively luxurious restored palace-turned-hotel that will have you feeling quite like royalty. Sip the finest aromatic teas, the freshest juices and sample the most gorgeous pastries and savories while overlooking the stunning hills of Sintra, with Lisbon just in the distance. Afterwards, channel your inner child and run through the intricate garden mazes…so so divine.

The Baby House, South Africa- Volunteer work is absolutely critical to us and extremely close to our heart, which is why we’re thrilled to be working with the amazingly good-hearted Justin and Cathy Foxton, a couple in Durban dedicated to nurturing abandoned babies. They work tirelessly to provide proper medical care, food, and most importantly, unconditional love- all on their own and with the help of some very generous doctors and donors. Justin also runs a program called Stop Crime, Say Hello dedicated to wiping crime off of the streets. Want to help or learn more? See how easily you can help change a child’s life- email us.

Power Mat- Tangled up charger cords are soooo over. We’re done with the knots, done with frantically searching for outlets at airports and certainly done with carrying 10 different wires. The Power Mat is great- wireless, portable, and works with multiple types of devices.

NY Cosmos- Any kid who grew up in the NY/NJ tri-state area back in the late 70’s and 80’s (especially any kid with a Portuguese soccer-fanatic father) grew up going to Cosmos games at the old Giants Stadium. This was classic soccer at its best, Pele, Beckenbauer, the list goes on- and we saw them all- live. We would wait for those Sundays all week, back when tickets were affordable and the game was in its purest form. The Cosmos are making a comeback! Team is being formed, outfits being commissioned, and they’re bringing back their retro logo. And we’ll be first in line for season tickets.

La Boca, Argentina- Speaking of soccer, this inner-urban spot in Buenos Aires, also home to the famed Boca Juniors, doesn’t get the credit it deserves. While the surrounding areas are a bit dodgy, the center of La Boca is teeming with stylish buildings boasting colorful facades, incredible shops with bargains galore, one of our favorite Italian restaurants ever (Il Matarello), and even a superb Maradonna impersonator near the taxi line. A few pesos gets you a photo with the “legend” -

"America the Edible"- Love this new book by Adam Richman. Why? Because it’s realistic, it’s fun and it’s passionate about all of the special things that happen when we explore. We eat great meals, we laugh (and sometimes cry), we discover new places, meet interesting people, & open ourselves up willingly to the unknown. To us, there’s no better definition of the word travel. It’s sort of like taking a trip with a great friend with whom you love to share adventures and gut-busting laughs, and we found ourselves mentally compiling a list of all of the places we’d love to tell him about too. Smooth read and smooth ride down the American culinary highway with a few twists and turns along the way. Well done, sir.

Turkish Airlines Ad- As you might have surmised, we’re a tad obsessed with all things travel- including ads. And it’s pretty difficult to capture the essence of an airline in a short :60 sec snippet, but Turkish Airlines got it so right with this spot we think is brilliant. Be sure to watch to the end, it just makes us want to buy a ticket. Be sure to watch til the end. (and their newest starring Manchester United isn't bad either! )

iPad- Ok, not extremely original but we have to give a shout to our absolute new favorite toy of the year. Didn’t originally want one, and now finding it impossible to live and travel without. Amazing for movies/work/email/games/design/reading/listening/ and especially for learning a new language in flight. (You can even download the Explorateur app on one)

Ten Thousand Villages- Buying a gift for anyone any time soon? Chances are you have the “what do I get-sies” all the time, we used to until we discovered Ten Thousand Villages has an incredible collection of absolutely unique fair-trade gifts from around the world, and work to create opportunities for artisans in developing countries to earn income by bringing their products and compelling stories to market. You get to be a star with the perfect gift while getting to feel good knowing you did something to help someone in need.