There are few places in the world as beautifully balanced and biodiverse as Ibera. This natural reserve deep in the center of Corrientes province is blessed with breathtaking flora, stunning lakes, 400 bird species, 111 species of fish, near-perfect temperature year-round, not to mention an abundance of adventure. It’s also home to the quaint, warm welcoming arms of Puerto Valle Hotel de Esteros.

Hop a flight from Buenos Aires to Posadas City, take a scenic 60 km drive, walk down a pathway lined with tall bamboo cane to the banks of the Parana River and there you’ll be, amongst the 6 exclusive suites whose décor reflects the surrounding natural beauty. It is pure peace personified, where spending the day lazing in a hammock taking in the ambient harmony of singing birds while breathing in the clean country air move easily to the top of your to-do list.

If you’re so inclined to take a day to explore, the area will not disappoint. We especially recommend a photo safari by canoe along the river, or an amble down the monkey footpath for amazing sightings. www.hotelpuertovalle.com

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