We have to admit, we’ve got a soft spot for properties that go above and beyond to preserve their local surroundings by employing unique and sustainable practices. The Tivoli Ecoresort Praia Do Forte truly believes in “Enjoying without destroying” and by drawing upon the natural resources of the area, while working hard to integrate the local community to help improve their quality of life, they’ve created something that’s far more amazing than the stunning resort and surroundings themselves.
As far as the luxe eco-tourism aspect, they’ve got that down pat. This is a 5-star haven built in harmony with nature and the biodiversity of the area in mind, rooms are simple yet elegant, with an exclusive Thalassotherapy spa for holistic health and well being, and a comprehensive activities offering for adults and children alike including a variety of eco-tours to draw guests into the heart of the region for a wealth of new experiences. Beyond the hotel itself, the team is involved in a myriad of local programs designed to improve and protect the local environment, education initiatives and the culture. Everything from adult literacy to child tutoring, to building their workforce with local residents are addressed and all work towards helping the community achieve a better life.
What’s brilliant about Bahia? Basically everything- aside from being blessed with gorgeous beaches, it’s surrounded by ecological sanctuaries bursting with brilliant colors and all sorts of flora you’ve never seen and are unlikely to see again, and animal conservation projects you can visit that are focused on the protection of marinelife as well. Perhaps the most charming and unforgettable area and a must-see when in the area is the quaint fishing village that surrounds the resort. Believed to be full of magic, it’s a small town of just under 2000 inhabitants whose beautiful, simple lifestyles haven’t changed in decades, where people sit outside in the evenings to watch the sun set and the moon rise, and traditional festivals and religious celebrations are a way of life. They put their money where their mouth is…well done, and so worth a visit. www.tivolihotels.com

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