You may think you know beaches, but something different comes over you after you experience one in Mozambique. Perhaps it’s the feeling that the miles upon miles of untouched beaches evoke, making you feel like an accomplished explorer with every step you take as you pretend to stake claim to so much that looks so undiscovered. Perhaps it’s the easy, lazy lifestyle that does it, or just the intoxicating beauty.

One of the best places to take this all in is the Pestana Bazaruto Lodge. 40 charming bungalows…some beachside, some in the midst of a luxurious tropical garden, and all decorated with charm and brightly-colored ethnic island style. Days begin here with incredible sunrises, move to watersports or beach indulgences, and round up with platters full of gorgeous, freshly caught seafood served while dining in the open air to the soft sounds of African drums and rhythms.

Why Mozambique?
There are parts of this intriguing country that are among the most visually stunning in all of Africa. It sits contently off the mass tourist radar and quietly guards some incredible treasures like some of the world’s most spectacular beaches, world-class diving, fishing, cultural experiences, handicrafts and more. Bazaruto Island, where the lodge is located, is part of an archipelago that’s been designated as a national park, sustaining a diverse ecosystem across its relatively unexplored wetlands, thick forests, and turquoise waters.

Mozambique is located on the southeast tip of Africa. Portuguese is the official language, though English is spoken in the more touristic areas. It’s capital, Maputo, is serviced frequently by South African Airways with easy connections from Johannesburg and then onto Vilanculos (the airport to use when traveling to Bazaruto), making it an ideal side trip option.

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