Years and years ago, a then-mini-Explorateur sat in front of an Apple II-E computer, apprehending Carmen Sandiego in a faraway place called Port Moresby. It was at that moment when the fascination with Papua New Guinea began. Where is this land, known as one of the last great frontiers on the planet? This intriguing place of diversity, with over 850 indigenous languages, complex blended history, and miles upon miles of undiscovered terrain… if you’ve ever wanted to know, now’s the time to find out.

Baobab Expeditions now offers visitors an opportunity to discover the culture of the Bainings and the Tolais tribes, snorkel in the waters of the Duke of York Islands, and camp in the shadows of the active Tavurvur Volcano in one complete tribal journey exploration package that includes just about everything. You’ll sleep in jungle camps, trek through rustic villages, experience the exciting cultural traditions, feel the powerful emotions of tribal singing and dancing, and dine on authentic local fare throughout the jaunt.

Very few people in this world understand how to travel through this unexplored land, we recommend to stick with the experts in this case. Get preppin’ for Papua New Guinea.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Save $250 on this incredible expedition! Departures available on select dates in April, July, September and November, 2011. Click HERE for more information and as always, be sure & tell ‘em The Explorateur sent you!