Under the clearest of Southern Skies, the small village of Jirira at the shore of the famed Uyuni Salt Flats, is one of the last pure zones on Earth. Here, in this otherworldly place, nothing grows, nothing is noisy, nothing moves quickly. Rather, these dazzling huge spaces surreal odd shapes of crystalline salt allow you to fade into literal white “nothingness” where the sounds of silence will make your heart beat faster will make you feel as if you’ve landed on a completely different planet.

The bold beauty of Bolivia captivates all who visit this far-too-underrated land, and a trek to this region pulls travellers into a seemingly alternate universe, where one can bike across salt flats, trek to an island laden with petrified cactus, watch pink flamingos dance in a lake, spelunk and discover ancient graves, and visit a volcano while you’re at it as well. Loving all of this we’re sure, but you must be wondering....alright, where does one stay in this land of remoteness?

Lucky for you, Crillon Tours offers a unique concept that we think you’re going to love. We certainly do. Introducing “Glamping”- that’s right, glamorous camping. We’re talking a fleet of modern 4x4 Jeeps, luxury heated bedroom tents with comfy beds and bathrooms, gourmet cuisine and indulgent spirits too, They’ve been operating the best tours in Bolivia for over 50 years, so it’s no surprise they’ve come up with something this cool. Hey. If you’re going to head to the middle of nowhere, you may as well do it in glam fashion.

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