VERSAILLES DELIVERY-For all things French
It’s Bastille Day, and you know what that means…a great excuse to go out and by something French! If a last-minute hop to Paris doesn’t fit into the schedule, how about the next best thing- a splurge on some sumptuous items that will make you feel like you’ve slipped away on your own mini-gastronomic trip to France.

Meet Versailles Delivery, a delightful, delicious collection designed by French gourmet creator Pierre Lion who has assembled the finest and most luxurious products that celebrate France and it’s epicurean cuisine. We’re talking Fauchon, Dartagnan, Dom Perignon, not to mention a most gorgeous tribute to culinary perfection in the form of homemade baguettes, sandwiches, pastries, macarons all waiting to be discovered…and devoured. Hey, you’ve got an excuse as any to indulge and enjoy today so take advantage of it (and our fantastic deal).

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Save 20% on any online order, with extra time to enjoy the savings all the way up to 31 July! Simply mention code EXPLORATE when ordering and voila…. Eat well, live well, and as always, be sure & tell ‘em The Explorateur sent you!