LUGGAGE CONCIERGE- Ship bags ahead of time
12:14 PM, last Wednesday. Landed at an airport that shall remain nameless. At baggage claim by 12:23. Electronic screen changes at 12:44 indicating our bags are only just being taken off the plane. 12:56, still no belt movement. 1:16, stress level elevates, late for a meeting. 1:29, bags start to come out. We’re sure about 90% of you can relate to this, and what’s worse is this seems to be becoming the standard. Look, we admit it, we’re really not the check-your-bags type. So, having to adjust to all of these new rules has been…well…a tad aggravating to say the least. If you haven’t yet refined your packing style down to the bare minimum, you need to meet Luggage Concierge- your knight in shining, shipping armor.

They eliminate all the stress- no having to lug your bags, no dealing with check-in lines, no standing around in an endless cloud of wait at baggage claim and oh yes, no more ridiculous SmartCart fees either. Rather, land, zip to where you need to be and find your luggage waiting there for you already.

How does it work? So easy-
-Simply log on, enter your home and destination address
-Enter the sizes/shapes of your bags
-You’ll then receive a Welcome package via mail within 2 business days, including prepaid shipping labels
-Select your pickup date, travel dates, address where your bags should be returned to and voila…done

They cover the entire US and over 200 locations worldwide, so chances are they can help you with almost any itinerary query you can present to them. Try it, you’ll like it.

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