LEDGOWAN LODGE- The Highlands, Scotland
Scotland has this thing about it, a quirky, fascinating, interesting allure that draws travellers in by playing a bit on their senses of both humor and wonder. If you believe in the Loch Ness Monster (like us, we wholeheartedly admit we’ve searched), if there’s just something about that lovely accent, if you’ve ever wondered what haggis tastes like, and if you’re an old-school Mike Myers fan, then surely you’ve had this hankering to visit for a while.

To experience the most visually stunning areas of Scotland is to visit the highlands...or in this case, travel about an hour northwest of Inverness until you reach the charming little village of Achnasheen and you’ll encounter what a proper highland country house is meant to be at the
Ledgowan Lodge Hotel. Standing over a century old and positively bursting with charm and character, this grand former hunting lodge still holds on to many original features like cozy drawing rooms adorned with gold and rich wood panelling, chandlers dripping with glinting crystal, real log fires, candelabras, and the traditional (and unrivalled) ambiance which makes for an unforgettable experience.

What’s the haps in Achnasheen? Spectacular scenery, majestic mountains, plenty of highlands-style wild life, great golf, gorgeous gardens, and lochs...lots and lots of lochs. Hmm...can you say whole-new-sea-creature-search? Don’t miss this fabulous authentic slice of Scottish highland life. http://www.ledgowanlodge.co.uk/

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