THE PHOENICIA- Valletta, Malta
Malta’s casual, typical under-the-radar presence suits the island just fine, most probably because it’s home to incredible treasures that it almost enjoys keeping a bit secret. The uncommercialized nature of this Mediterranean island a is perhaps one of its best and most refreshing qualities, and the luxe Hotel Phoenicia fits in perfectly.

Set proudly in a privileged location at the City Gates of Valletta, the island’s magnificent historical capital city, the building’s been regarded as a national treasure for more than half a decade. It’s classic beauty strikes you at first glance, and the refined unique Art Deco interior is as surprisingly unexpected as it is lavish from the artwork that graces the walls to the personal service that ensures everyone is treated like the royalty that has graced the hotel through the years. It's the type of place that needs to be explored carefully, full of hidden gems, tucked away treasures, majestic cliffs, and today's deal gives you just the tool you need.

Why Malta? So many reasons. You’ve got superbly sunny classic Mediterranean weather, gorgeous beaches, thriving nightlife, narrow village streets ideal for meandering, and 7,000 years of interesting history, prehistoric temples and it’s even graced with a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If that’s not enough, you’ve got countless stars descending upon the island for the famed Malta Jazz Festival this summer as well.

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