Take a look at a map of Italy and follow along the boot-like peninsula. At the toe of this boot, at the very tip of the toe lies the final frontier of Italian splendor. A land of unparalleled beauty where mountains melt into clear blue waters, where shores tell tales of thousands of years of history, and where you can tuck in to some of the most incredibly authentic dishes this magical land has to offer. This is Calabria, and it’s best enjoyed when based at your own homestead…just like Villeta Mimma Vittoria.

This two-floor independent townhouse is jam-packed with amenities you’d want in your own home- an open plan living room with leather sofa bed, stainless steel full kitchen with modern appliances, marble staircase, skylights, balconies., even a wood burning Franklin fireplace for the occasional chilly evenings. It’s been in the owner’s family for generations, and they proudly share this sanctuary and their love for this vibrant region resplendent with friendliness, proud enthusiasm and the signature Italian passion for life. The Vileta is secluded, special and splendid, just like the region itself so discover this smooth side of Italy when next you visit.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Stay a week and it’s yours for only US $1800, that’s a savings of over $3000! Plus, they’ll throw in a cooking class and excursion to the family olive orchard and mill. Click HERE for more info and as always, be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you!