One of the amazing benefits of travel is that it opens your eyes to so many amazingly brilliant new worlds. The other side of that is exposure to all-too-unfortunate realities that we sometimes need to be reminded about. If you're reading this, chances are you're doing pretty well- you have a computer, a phone, you've traveled, you have something to eat and a roof over your head. As we sit here on our latest trek to southern Africa, we've seen children walk barefoot on a rocky, busy street trying to get to a makeshift school. We've seen hovels on top of hovels with no electricity or clean water. We've been embarassed during a rare moment of carelessness to have thrown away crusts of a sandwich that someone took out of the bin to eat.

This is why we volunteer, and why we work hard to raise funds and awareness for global causes like Streetsmart. Born in South Africa, expanded into the UK, US and Australia, this non-profit org raises money for street children via local restaurants. Diners are asked to contribute a small amount to their bill which goes towars local causes that help children on the street.

One of our VERY amazing partners has offered to help make an extremely generous donation based on our own Explorateur fan race. For each new Facebook Fan, Twitter follower or subscriber we get now through Sunday midnight, they'll make a contribution per person so all you have to do is pass this along! Circulate it as best as possible, please, and if you feel so inclined, you can donate directly at

Thank you for your help- no child should ever go hungry, and you can make a huge impact just by forwarding this email and raising awareness. Ready set GO!
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