YAN KEE WAY- Eco Sport Adventure complex- Patagonia, Chile
Folks, rest assured- touristic areas in Chile are open for business and this astounding destination is a veritable multi-colored spectrum of culture and adventure not to be left off of your travel to-do list for any reason. Become one with nature (and luxury) at the gorgeous Yan Kee Way. Just an hour’s drive from Puerto Montt, this lakeshore base for adventure expeditions sits in the shadow of a volcano and at the hub of the area’s most exciting outdoor adventures.

Their chalets and bungalows are the best choice if you really want to feel as if you’re in your own home nestled deep in the woods. 1400 square feet of old-world handcrafted local wood structures filled with the most modern, luxe amenities and decorated with local Chilean and Argentinean artwork hand-selected by the founder himself. Rest here after days filled with fly fishing, hiking, climbing, birding, biking, boating, canoeing, rafting and everything else that makes this side of Chile so spectacular. http://www.southernchilexp.com/

And when you’re hungry, no fear- the fabulously unique Latitude 42º Restaurant is at your service, producing dishes from a kitchen that was actually built in the US, disassembled, shipped, and then put back together in this Patagonian paradise.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- 4TH night free! Plus, special Eco Adventure packages starting at just $450 per person per night. Travel by 15 Oct 2010. Click HERE for more information and as always, be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you!