Two words...EN FUEGO. The fever is building, we can hardly stand it...counting down day after day until the world's most incredible sporting spectacle begins in South Africa, and until we get on that plane to head over. This fiercely passionate, highly kinetic meetup of the world's biggest soccer fans is beautiful to watch, and the feeling on the ground is indescribable. We're going to be there, cheering on the teams that are closest to our hearts and yelling so voice-losing-loud that it's fortunate our stories are written and not broadcasted! We'll be blogging & Tweeting live so watch this space.

If you're considering heading over, but haven't yet made your plans, you're in luck. Fares have suddenly come down from various gateways and we have the inside track on hotel availability in the various areas where the games will be played throughout the circuit. Let us know if we can help. Click HERE for information.

And come join us, this is a fever you'll want to catch.