Ok, now that the dust has settled (literally), it’s time to start thinking EUROPE again. Flights are back on schedule and the beautiful weather is here so that can only mean one thing- time to take the open road by storm once you arrive. Europe is a place that is best absorbed by road more than anything, and the adventures to be had while on a drive throughout multiple regions on one trip are incomparable . Which is why we are so thrilled to unveil our new partnership with SIXT Car Rental, Europe’s chic innovative leader on all-things-mobile.

They think of everything- premiere customer service, convenient and plentiful stations across the contient, point-earning benefits with over 40 airlines plus a variety of hotels, and…the world’s largest fleet of BMWs and Mercedes. And it’s about time you got yourself into one when you next head to Germany (as if there’s really any other way to tackle the Autobahn). Sure, you need speed- but you may as well look fab at the same time so slide behind the wheel via the first of our series of SIXT Exclusive Deals and off you go!

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Rent a 3-Series BMW for 1 week in Germany including navigation system for just 279 Euro per week- that’s a serious savings on a sweet ride. Book online at and use program code CD 9813259, and as always, be sure & tell ‘em The Explorateur sent you!