A Galapagos experience in itself is miraculous, but seeing Galapagos from within, from a completely different perspective evokes a whole new sense of emotion. Look up…up…high in the wild highlands and you’ll find the Galapagos Safari Camp. It’s a swanky tented lodge – cool enough yet rustic enough to offer the authentic inland experience, with stunning views of the Pacific and the National Park to boot. Taking cues from the traditional African safari, guests need not sacrifice comfort and luxury in exchange for being able to be as close to nature as possible. Rather, these luxe tents were built out of passion and a love for the land, and sit serenely in the hills near a timeless infinity pool and stylish central lodge. All the while keeping in mind responsible practices that give back to this pristine part of the Earth, as these Enchanted Isles after all are fragile ecosystems new to tourism, and easily strained by human presence. So, you have the opportunity to give back yourself- perhaps plant a tree and learn more about flora & fauna, and protection of wildlife in general.

Their Classic Safari package is a great way to go, and ideal for combining with a cruise experience as well to be able to enjoy as many of the islands as possible. It’s a meticulously designed journey filled with wildlife experiences, visits with local experts, science, snorkeling, and everything else you would never expect. Kind of like the Galapagos Islands themselves….

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