Everywhere you turn these days, it’s all about the vampire. True Blood, Twilight, New Moon…the list goes on and on, now even the hotel sector’s caught on. It’s madness-yet strangely cool, and we found some rooms that are pretty darn fang-tastic.

The Soho Boutique Hotel is one of Budapest’s most unique, in design, philosophy, and size and now, in suite offering. In celebration of the show “Dance of the Vampires”, they’ve unveiled two Vampire Suites inspired by the two main characters. This means that you get to sleep in a magnificent if not Dracula-esque baroque style room with eclectic velvet furniture, uniquely crafted antique chandeliers, sleek floors, and shocking colors. They’ll even be sure to greet you with a Vampire Juice cocktail upon arrival.
EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- We’ll be sure you’re set up properly to prepare yourself for your vampire encounter with a Budapest city tour during your stay so you can stake out all of the best local haunts. Click HERE for more information and as always, be sure & tell ‘em The Explorateur sent you!