RUBA- Visual Travel Guide Site / **Explorateur Reccommended!***
Ruba is a visual travel guide site which offers user-generated travel guides, grouped into themes such as “The Best Museums in Spain” or “Highlights of San Francisco” full of hidden gems and local favorites. Each review features a large photo and a map, making the process of browsing guides to discover new places fun. While there are many travel sites out there to search for hotels in particular places, Ruba gives quick, concise ideas for people who don't want to sort through a long list of reviews, said founder and serial entrepreneur Mike Cassidy. "Maybe it's (because of) the ADD (attention deficit disorder) generation. “

By keeping reviews under the author’s name, it’s easy for users to discover even more new places they’ll enjoy. If you find yourself liking the places that one person recommended, you can browse all sorts of other recommendations in other cities that they also liked just by viewing his or her profile. And you can build your own Ruba profile and share your favorite places and experiences with other Ruba users.

Ruba takes advantage of powerful search and location technology to help suggest places near each attraction which you may be interested in, further helping users discover the perfect spots for their next trip. You can even use Ruba’s unique tours search to browse and discover escorted tours from the leading tour operators around the world.

Ruba also capitalizes on the popularity of social networks to help people share their travel experiences and get advice from friends. “Travel is one of the most social activities we partake in,” says Cassidy, “It seems only natural that we would want a way to share travel with our friends.” Ruba users can login to the site using their Facebook credentials and then share their guides or ask Facebook friends for ideas in a single click. Users can also tweet their favorite guides and places to their followers.