So, we read a story today that says that lost/mishandled baggage amongst the world’s airports is down by 23.8%. We certainly wouldn’t necessarily be quick to believe that, considering our track record of 3 items lost so far this year and it’s only March! We’ve found the ideal way to eliminate that possibility all together, and it is called Luggage Concierge. They allow you the freedom and simplicity of traveling without your luggage in tow, and the confidence in knowing your bags will actually be at your destination when you arrive- all the while also removing that ridiculous bag shlep to check-in and from baggage claim. Oh, and also saving you from that maddening feeling of being made to spend money on a SmartCart as well.

How does it work? It’s very simple-
-Simply log on, enter your home and destination address
-Enter the sizes/shapes of your bags
-You’ll then receive a Welcome package via mail within 2 business days, including prepaid shipping labels
-Select your pickup date, travel dates, address where your bags should be returned to and voila…done

They cover the entire US and over 200 locations worldwide, so chances are they can help you with almost any itinerary query you can present to them. Travel can be stressful enough sometimes, why not make it easier on yourself?

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