Argentina is an intense experience, probably why we fell in love with it so hard and fast upon arrival for the first time. Intense flavors and aromas of delicious parrilladas, intense passion for everything from soccer to tango. Intense bargains…hello shoes, bags, and leather! Buenos Aires is a must-do for a gorgeously multi-cultural urban experience, but let’s not forget the deeply serene and naturally gorgeous remainder of the country that evokes a sensation of the country’s true soul. For a true reconnection with Argentina’s past, we think Cordoba’s Estancia San Pedro Viejo is perfect.

Once used as a resting place for horsemen trekking to Alto Peru, it has been occupied by conquistadors, missionaries, warriors and patriots. Built with materials extracted straight from nature itself, and designed to preserve its uniquely beautiful personality, the open arms of its staff wait to greet you as if you’re family into their home, and straight to one of their 6 cozy colonial-style bedrooms.

A stay here is an enriching experience, and they encourage you to delve into the splendor of Argentine rural life. Indulge in one (or all) of their unique sensory adventures including wine tasting, horseback riding, learning Spanish, partaking in regional cooking classes, hiking, even knitting on a loom. This is the other side of Argentina, serene but still just as intense.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Book 3 nights at Hotel San Pedro Viejo and receive a complimentary trip to Ambargata Salt Lake- one of the region’s best kept ecological treasures. Once you get past the overwhelming sensation of the multitude of colors that appears in time for the spectacle of the rising moon, you’ll sit down to enjoy a traditional Picada Criolla complemented by fine Argentine wines at a table set on the salt sea. Click HERE for more info and as always, be sure & tell ‘em The Explorateur sent you!