Ah- Twitter...some people are intrigued by it, some people haven't joined in yet, some people don't get it and some people are absolutely addicted and can't live without it....kind of like travel itself. Well, we love it and if you're still wavering, perched high atop the Twitter fence, it's time to get on board. We can give you 2 good reasons.

1. Acacia Africa is teaming up with Africafreak.com, Travelcomments.com and Planyoursfari.com and these expert safari bloggers will be judging a virtual tweet up on 26 Feb where anyone who's anyone with a passion for the rainbow nation will be telling their stories. Wild Tweep entrants simply fill in the Q&A at http://bit.ly/5gbT1f , which will be judged by this panel of expert bloggers. The winner then co-hosts the South Africa tweet-up and walks away with a 6-day overland safari! Click here to enter by 12 Feb & follow @acaciaafrica on Twitter too.

2. If you like our e-newsletters, how about following us over at @theexplorateur too. We've always got fun surprises, additional tips and the sporadic random giveaway opportunities that we don't want you to miss out on.

So, there you have it- now get Tweeting!