We must say we're so excited about this, it's one of the most significant savings we've ever promoted to our readers! And why not, an adventure this amazing would naturally be accompanied by an equally as fab message. If you're like us, you've dreamed of visiting Antarctica in all it's purity, vastness, and sheer wondrous glory. And, if you're even more like us, you've probably been putting it off, waiting for the perfect time. Well folks, the stars have aligned and 2010 is your year, courtesy of AdventureSmith Explorations. This company pioneered the art of small ship cruises combined with adventure treks on the ground, continuously evolving and outdoing each itinerary year after year- always with new and exciting destinations to explore.

Their philosophy is beautifully simple and natural. Small vessels, which are exclusively outfitted expressly for the purpose of viewing wildlife and exploring the wilderness. Lodges on land whose design and staff are deeply rooted in the destination where it stands. Sustainable practices respectful to nature are always employed. And outstanding, knowledgeable guides, who have lived in, explored, and completely assimilated every aspect of each region they service. The time is now, and the offers have never been better.

EXPLORATEUR EXCLUSIVE- Savings range from an ASTONISHING $3490 to $7990 per person (and vary by cruise date and category). Explorateur readers enjoy the following extra-deep discounts , leaving you absolutely no more reasons to keep putting off the trip of a lifetime you've always wanted to take on these amazing cruises that trek through some of the most unbelievable natural phenomenons on earth.

-22 Jan - 10 Feb 2010 aboard the Ocean Nova
Standard rate for twin cabin is $17990pp / Explorateur rate is $10200 pp

-24 Jan - 12 Feb 2010 aboard the Orlova
Standard rate for lower deck twin is $13490 pp / Explorateur rate is $10200 pp

-22 Feb - 13 Mar 2010 aboard the Ocean Nova
Standard rate for twin cabin is $15390 pp / Explorateur rate is $10200 pp

For more information, visit or call 800-728-2875, or email and be sure & tell 'em The Explorateur sent you!